2021 Race 22, Hurache Turbo 2-Miler

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  My 22nd live race of 2021 was the iaap Hurache Turbo 10th anniversary 5K held on July 10 at McAllister Park in San Antonio.  This was a free event, courtesy of Hurach Turbo, so the registration filled up really fast.  My friends Ceci and Rogelio created Hurache Turbo running group with a philosophy to make each running event original and fun by adding Mexican folklore. The group not only puts on races that include themes, a variety of costumes, and good food and drink; it also conducts training groups and sessions for runners at all levels.  This event started at 6 pm.  A short while before the start time, rain came pouring in.  McAllister park is noted some of its trails and roadways flooding in various parts after a heavy rain. The last mile on the course did get flooded so this event was changed to a 2-mile out-and-back. Thankfully, the rain stopped before start time and we actually had a pretty nice day with some sunshine, temp in the low 70s, but also very humid. Lots of standing water around the park too, so definitely needed the bug spray.  I arrived onsite with about 40 minutes to start time and got a few pre-start photos.

ON THE COURSE:   As noted, 2-mile out-and-back.  Start was from a road next to the soccer fields and youth baseball field.  We then went up the road that leads to Becken Pavilion in the park.  A little down from Becken Pavilion was our turn-round point and we went back to the finish the way we had come out. There is a lot of shade on this course, and we did have to negotiate a few “standing water” spots.  I did a few people slapping at themselves; assumed flying/biting insects were bothering them, so was glad I had put on my bug spray. I finished 3rd in my age group – there were only 3 in my age group, lol – with a time of 24:37, averaging 12:11 per mile.

AFTER MY FINISH:  Got a few photos of some others finishing.   Then wandered around chatting with friends and getting post-race photos. There were lots of local running groups present, including Wolf Pack; Munsters Squad; Team Beef, and more.  A few had some pavilion tents and were serving up various food and drinks. Awards ceremony went pretty quickly and there was also a costume contest those who wore costumes.  My friend’s mother, aged 90 years old, was quite a hit at the event, and got a medal for participating in the 5K. 90 years old and still going; sheesh, she should get a medal for just showing up! 

Epilogue:  Really nicely done event, with a nice quality race shirt; nice age group award medals; a food truck on site; iaap/Hurache Turbo in my estimate is one of the top race management/running groups in the San Antonio area. Not only do they organize races, they also have lots of various events at their Runners Ranch and runners are welcome to come out and train on the running trail at the ranch, which is mostly very sandy, which makes for some tough running and will strengthen you right up. One of the most outgoing and friendly organizations of people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and am proud to call them friends.  As noted, several running groups participating had food and drink at the event, as well as what iaap provided; so quite a choice of items, including chicken fajitas, various types of sodas and beer, and much more.  Definitely recommend iaap/hurache turbo events and certainly will continue doing them in the future.

MUCHO THANKS TO:  iaap/the Iniguez family for all the things they do for our local running community.   I just can’t say enough about how much this family contributes to local running.  Some of them pretty darn good runner themselves and pretty darn speedy too, and  in the local running history of San Antonio even set some records at a few races.  Check out the iaap web and hurache turbo websites to learn more; and then go do some of their events.  You will not regret it.    Also, thanks to all the volunteer out there for us; to Tico’s Family for its food truck onsite; to Paul, our Music and Sound man; and any others involved that I may not have mentioned here.        

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