2021 Race 23 Texas Too Hot 15K/5k

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:   My 23rd race of 2021 was the Texas Too Hot 15K and 5K, with me doing the 5K.  Put on by iRun Texas and held on July 11 at Boerne Lake Park, I believe this was the 10th anniversary of this event, and I have done every one of the Too Hots since it first started so was not about to miss this one, even if I did do a 2-mile race at 6 pm the day before this event.  Got home a bit late from that one, had some dinner and went to bed late, so did not get much sleep, as I had to get up early for the drive to Boerne Lake Park, as the race had a 7:30 a.m. start.  Even so, feeling pretty good when I got there.  Lots of cloud cover and very humid – dewpoint in the 70s – but a bit of a breeze blowing and temps in the low 70s, so not too bad for Texas summer.  The skies looked like rain was threatening, but it never did rain while we were on the course.  However, lots of wet spots and muddy patches, so you could tell it rained pretty good up here the day or night before.  I arrived at the park with about 30 minutes to go and got a few pre-start photos.

ON THE COURSE:  15K and 5K participants started all together.  We got the call to line up and then there was a slight delay as an equipment malfunction was corrected. Then we were off.  After my race the night before, and still recovering a bit from a biopsy I had, I planned just to take this one really easy, not push it, and take a few more photo stops and walk breaks than I usually did for a 5K.  I one one really slow walker, so I figured about a 45-minute finish for me.  I lined up appropriately for this, almost near the back of the pack. And off we went!  This course consists of starting near a picnic area and then right up a short but steep hill almost right off the bat.  One we crested the hill, we had a flat trail to go down. With all the week’s rain the trail was pretty muddy in places, and it is a pretty rocky terrain too, so definitely had to watch your footing. The course was trail until a bit after the 1-mile mark.  The we proceeded onto a paved road.  The 5K participants went up to a set of traffic cones, where we turned around. The 15K folks continued straight ahead on the road, heading for ‘them thar hills” in front of them; and from what people have told me about the 15K course, these are no baby hills either. Both courses are out-and-back, so we went right back the way we had come out, this time doing in reverse the 3 hills we 5K folks had. For once I did behave myself and did not push it, and just enjoyed myself, chatting with other back-of-the pack runners and walkers like me; enjoying the views of the lake and surrounding area; and taking some photos.  I ended up with a 43:43 chip time, 5th in my age group, so I was not too far off my estimate of 45 minutes. 

AFTER MY FINISH:  Got a few photos of some others finishing.   Then wandered around chatting with friends and getting post-race photos, rehydrating and partaking of some of the fruits, etc., that were available.  There was also lots of post-race activities, with a photo-thiingy where you stepped on a pedal and then stepped back for your selfie photo; also post-race massages, and several vendors with give-aways.  Shiner Beer was also on-site but because of the ‘blue laws’, since it was Sunday, could not serve the beer until 10 a.m.     Even so, lots going on, so time went by pretty quickly.  Also a dog friendly event, so I ran out of doggie treats pretty quick.

Epilogue:  iRun really puts on a good show.  Really nice finisher medals; very nice quality race singlets for all participants; awards for the top 3 in each age group and awards to the top overall finishers – nice prizes for them too; there was even a bib-number raffle where you could win a $50 iRun credit for Brooks gear at the iRun stores . iRun owners Mitch and his wife did a great job with the awards ceremony, keeping everyone entertained, lol. Mark Purnell, as usual, did his superb job of being our MC.  Another nice thing about this event: since it is at the lake and right near the picnic area, lots of the participants and their families just stay at the park for a few hours after, enjoying some food, grilling, and lake activities.  It really is a nice little park. This is definitely one of my favorite events of the year – in spite of the course, lol 😉 – and will continue to do it in the future as long as I am able, and certainly would recommend it to others.  

MUCHO THANKS TO:  all the iRun crew and their volunteers for packet pickup before and on race day, and for all the work they do so we participants can have this event. Thanks to all the sponsors who supported this event and all the vendors who came out on race day; the police officers who were on the paved roads part of the course for our safety; and anyone else I may not have mentioned here.  Thank you all.      Oh, and apologies to the Shiner Beer guy.  I took his photo, but like an idiot old man, forgot to wipe my camera lens, so the photo of the guy made it look like he was in Witness Protection, with a big ole blob over his face, so I had to delete that one.  Sorry about that, buddy.

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