2021 Race 21, e-Dragon 5K Summer Series, Race 2

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  My 21st live race of 2021 was Race 2 of the San Antonio 5K Summer Series, put on by e-Dragon Productions (the Burciaga family).  There are a total of 4 races held over the summer for this series.  Race 2, held on June 27, took place in McAllister Park in San Antonio. The route was on off-road paved trails in the park, and part of one of the park roads.  The course for this one was done in reverse of the Race 1 course.  Start time of 7:30 a.m.  Temps in the 70s, and pretty humid, and somewhat overcast.  McAllister Park trails have lots of shade thankfully.  Starting point was Becken Pavilion with a loop course that brought us back to the pavilion to finish. For some reason I could not get my act together this morning before leaving home – oops, forgot my camera; go back inside and get it; oops, forgot my phone, go back into the house to get it; oops, forgot my dry shirt to change into…jeez, crazy old dog, lol – so arrived at race site with about 20 minutes to start time.  Got my packet, got my bib pinned on, got my camera and got a few photos before we started.    

ON THE COURSE:   As noted, a loop course.  We started in front of Becken Pavilion, then turned onto the trail that heads toward a local police substation near the park. Prior to reaching the substation, we turned onto another trail that took us down toward the park’s soccer fields and youth baseball field. Turned onto that trail, passing the soccer fields and baseball field; left turn onto another trail that took us to the park road that headed us back toward the direction of Becken Pavilion. Just down from Becken Pavilion, we turned onto another off-road paved trail that did take us past the police substation, and then back to the trail we had started on to finish up.  There were 6 people in my 60 – 69 age group, and I ended up dead last, with a chip-time of 38:17.  The first guy in my age group did the route in 20 minutes-and-change, jeez. The first 4 guys all finished in the 20s, with me and another guy finishing in the 30s. Got some talented speedy old guys in my age group, fer sher. Probably did not help my race time either, lol, when I saw walker coming along with a doggie or two, and stopped to offer them – the dogs, not the humans :p – a doggie treat.  All good, though; I enjoyed myself and I met my two primary race goals these days – finish standing up and having no ambulance waiting for me specifically at the finish.  😊

AFTER MY FINISH:  Got a few photos of some others finishing.  Then went to see friend Gilbert, who had brought a nice array of fresh fruits, and got a banana and some water.  Sat in the pavilion area, relaxing, drinking my water, eating my banana, chatting with friends there also, and watching my heart numbers on my garmin as my pacemaker took my heart-rate down from 135 back to my usual normal range of 55 – 61 when I am resting, which did not take long.  Good boy, Zapper (the name of my pacemaker, lol).  After that it was walk-about time to chat with more friends and get some post-race photos.

Epilogue: The Burciaga local running-legend family, via their e-Dragon business, always puts on some great quality races, training runs, events, etc.   They also do some really nice shirt printing too; Erik is my go-to guy for the printing for the majority of my shirts I wear for my races and training runs. Nicely laid out course at a nice location, very easy to follow; nice quality race shirt; nice awards ceremony – top 3 in each age group and overall winners – with unique medals for the winners.  Also, walkers are always welcome too. And, unless prohibited by some park rule or statute, e-Dragon events are dog friendly too.  I enjoy doing e-Dragon events, will continue to do them in the future, and certainly would recommend them to others.

MUCHO THANKS TO:   e-Dragon for a really nice quality race; the park police officers that were out there for us for the times we crossed over one of the park roads and ran on another park road; friend Gilbert for providing fresh fruits; all the race volunteers that made this one happen for we participants; all the sponsors for this one; and anyone else I may not have mentioned here. Thanks for what you do that allows we runners and walkers to participate in this event.          

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