Segways for Vets 5K

My 79th race of 2017 was Segways for Vets 5K held on Nov 12 at 10 a.m. Please feel free to save/share my event report and photos at the links below

Full Commentary report with photos:

Photos Only Slideshow:


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Race #78 of 2017: Country Run 5K

My 78th race of 2017 was Country Run 5K held on Nov 12.  Please feel free to share/save my event report and photos located at the links below.

Full commentary report with photos:

Photos only slideshow:

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New Braunfels 5K 10K and Half Marathon

My 77th race of 2017 was the New Braunfels 5K on Nov 11.  There was also a half and 10K.  Please feel free to save/share my event report and photos located at the links below.

Full report with commentary:

Photos Only Slideshow:


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DAV (Disabled Vets) 5K

I have now reached an all-time high for races done in 1 year.  My 76th race of 2017 was the DAV 5K held on Nov 4th.  Please feel free to save/share my event report and photos located at the links below.

Full Report with Commentary:

Photos Only Slideshow: 

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Boxer Boogie 5K 2017

If you don’t want to read my commentary below, here is the link to the photos:

BEFORE THE START  – I got to the event with about 40 minutes to go to start time and wandered around taking some photos.  There was a dog-costume contest which was pretty interesting, seeing what the dogs and some of the people were wearing.

ON THE COURSE – We did a little loop in the parking lot and then onto the trails.  Circled around the lake, another little loop through the parking lot – to make sure we had a full 3.1 miles – and then a second loop around the lake, and then turn into the main entrance of the park and go directly to the finish line.   I really do not like running around in circles – hence I hate the track – but I had not realized the city really renovated this park a lot, making it quite nice, and the trail curved here and there around the lake – with some nice views of the lake too – so it did not feel like you were a white lab rat going round-and-round.  I was very impressed with the park’s quality and would even run here again.  I ended up with a time of 33 minutes and change.  Did not place, as this was a pretty small event so my age group was 40 – 99, lol.  Tight budget for this race too – and I get that; let the money go to the cause – so only the top 3 males and females got an award.  Okay by me, I don’t expect to get anything anyway.  If I do, well, then, nice bonus.

AFTER THE FINISH – All kind of vendors giving away stuff.  There were these mini dog biscuits that PetSmart had – perfect for me when I run as they fit better in my Race Ready shorts pockets – and had one, lol…they actually were not bad, tasted kinda like a cookie! I am going to get some of those to carry when I run – for the dogs I meet, of course.





I have done this one a few times in the past; very nice event for a worthy cause; hopefully it will get more participants; and this was one of the only events done on this weekend Sunday; however, lots of locals runners are training for the San Antonio RnR Marathon and Half, so as we are getting closer – Dec 2 and Dec 3 are the event dates – lots of our locals are doing their long runs on Sunday now.  Even so, all good, as said nice little event at a scenic little park.  There was also a post-race raffle – I didn’t win nuthin, lol – and breakfast tacos from local eatery Taco Cabana.   I would definitely do this one again.

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Dia De Los Muertos 5K

My 74th race of 2017 was the Day of the Dead 5K. Held on Oct 28 at 5 PM at a local San Antonio Park. There was also a 10K. We had a cool front come in, so it was relatively cool, nice. Even so, the 10K route was right into the sun and they had a few hills. We 5K folks had a pretty flat course and shade along the way. I ended up with 33 minutes and change and got 2nd in my age group. I think we were the only two in our age group, lol, because the age group was 60 – 99.

After the event, there was a costume contest, some door prizes, and also lots of goodies like Kiolbassa Sausage and Alamo Beer – my favorite locally brewed beer. Mucho thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, timers, etc. all the folks that made this one happen for us.

Link to the photos


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Brew-Ha 5K

My 73rd race of 2017 was Brew-Ha 5K, held Oct 28 at Specht’s Store in San Antonio.  Event benefitted Children’s Bereavement Center.  Small event, maybe 100 or a bit more.  There was both a 5K and a 10K.  Course was out-and-back from the store area.  Pretty darn chilly for we South Texans too, around 39 degrees at start time.  Thankfully Spechts opened a couple of their outbuildings and there were portable heaters in there so we could all huddle together and stay warm until the start.  8:30 a.m. start time.  I got there with about an hour to go, got some pre-start photos; then, as usual, did my run/walk thing and took on-course photos, and then some afterwards.  I did okay, finishished 33 minutes-and-change, and got 1st in my age group. I was the only one in my age group, lol.  So shouldn’t I have gotten 3 medals?  Nice event, with post-race breakfast tacos, sausage biscuits, and 3 kinds of beer on tap…my kinda race!    Photos are at the link below.  You may have to cut-and-paste it into your browser.

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