2019 Race Number 67: Frosty Five 5-Miler and 5K

Photos are at this link:


Detailed Report:

BEFORE MY START:   My 67th 5K was the Frosty Five 5-miler/5K Costume Run held on Dec 24 at Pearsall Park in San Antonio.  I did the 5K.   Organized by local fitness company Alamo 180, this free fun-run event supports Street2Feet, a 5K training program designed to promote strength and success among individuals experiencing homelessness.  Pearsall Park, previously a landfill site, is now a developed park that is part of San Antonio’s greenway system of off-road trails.   Start time of 9 a.m.    My wife, Gail, and I arrived about 7:30 to get some good parking – parking gets crowded pretty quick at this park – and then just relaxed until everyone started arriving.  With about an hour to go before the start I wandered around getting some photos.   Several people were in various costumes.  The weather was a bit chilly, starting in the 40s, but quite sunny, with blue skies.   This park is also quite hilly in places.

ON THE COURSE:   By 9 a.m. start time, the temp had already climbed into the low 50s, and no wind at all, so I shed some of my layers and lined up.  We began on a non-paved trail, working our way down a fair-sized hill, and then proceeded on paved trails to a turn-round point.  Back the way we came and then, of course, had to climb up the hill to get back to the finish.  I did not want to push my healing foot on the hill, so walked the majority of it.   I ended up finishing in 40 minutes even, averaging about  a 12:40 per mile pace.  My speediest mile was from 1 – 2, done in 11:53.  My slowest mile was 2 – 3, with that hill at the finish, done in 14:07.   Gail walked the course.

After My Finish:  Did a bit of a cool-down, and then enjoyed post-run chatting with friends, and getting a few after-photos.

EPILOGUE:    I believe this is the 5th year this event has been done. Previously done in a local San Antonio neighborhood, this is the first time the event was held at this park.  I think it went pretty well.  People seemed to enjoy themselves; no worries about traffic or road closures since we were in a park on the park trails; and pretty nice weather this year for the event.  This one will probably continue to be held here in the future, which is all well-and-good. This is a fun no-frills event, well organized with a good course, even with the challenging hill. I definitely will continue to do this one in the future and would recommend it to others.  Many thanks to all the people who made this one happen for we participants, especially Alamo 180 for hosting,  and Dragon’s Den local race and t-shirt company whose folks set up the start/finish line and timing equipment.  And, of course, a big thanks to the Street2Feet people who were out there, some participating in the race, some volunteering on the course, and some helping provide some prerace and post-race goodies, such as coffee, etc.  Apologies to anyone I may not have mentioned here.

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