2019 Race 66 Morgan’s Wonderland Snowball 5K

Photos at this link:


 BEFORE MY START:  My 66th race of 2019 was the Morgan’s Wonderland Snowball 5K held on Dec 21. Morgan’s Wonderland is an ‘inclusion for all” amusement park designed in mind for those with specific needs. The park has become world famous has even been copied by other countries to create similar parks in their home environments.  This is a popular event that includes a 1K as well as the 5K.    5K start time of 9:35, so I got to sleep in a bit, as I live quite nearby the park.  Arrived with about an hour to go and got a few before photos.  As you can see, it was quite sunny, but also a bit chilly for we South Texans, in the 40s, so several people were wrapped up.  I know you ‘real winter’ folks would laugh out-loud at that, but Texas weather is kind of crazy in our winter months, with it being in the 70s one day and the next day we could be in the 30s, or 40s.  These back-and-forth 30-40 degree drops and then rises back up again in temps every few days really throws our systems off, lol.

ON THE COURSE:   Started in the park, made an exit through one of the gates, and then did sort of loop-out ‘n-back course on the streets around the park, that included going up a hill.  Not a steep hill, but was a pretty long incline.  Also took in a view of local Hereos Stadium, an event venue of one of our local school districts . We ended up b going back into the park, doing a lap around the man-made lake there and then on to the finish line.   My sore foot is not quite completely healed yet, but a heck of a lot better than it was.  I managed to do negative splits for this one and my last mile was 10:21, which I have not done in quite a while.  Finish time of 35:37, 4th in my 60 – 69 age group.

After My Finish –  Found my friend Woody and we enjoyed some Whataburger breakfast tacos and post-race hydration. And, of course, also spent time flitting from place-to-place taking some after photos, including a few finish photos of some of the folks I had been around and interacted with on the course.

EPILOGUE:   This is quite a fun event and they even have some frozen snowballs in a cooler post-race to toss, which the kids loved. Super heroes on-sight, several people in various costumes, well-thought out and nicely laid out course, and some nice post-race goodies, including a variety of breakfast tacos from Whataburger, a very popular native Texan ‘fast-food’ eatery – probably THE most popular in Texas. Whataburger is also very community oriented and supports a whole lot of causes.  Really nice race venue with indoor restrooms, lots of ‘scenery’, what with the lake, the park rides, the pirate ship in the park, etc.   And, of course, great cause. Very nice building with indoor restrooms – always a plus- and a nice sitting areas just about everywhere in the park to  sit an relax for a bit before and after the start.  Also, everywhere you go in the park there is always something to see to  inspire you – statues, sculptures, signs, even the rides; inclusion is what it is all about here and the park gets its message across very well.  I have done this event several times in the past and will continue to do it in the future.  Many thanks to all the people who made this one happen for we participants, including all the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, police officers, etc., out there for us and, of course, Morgan’s Wonderland for the use of its grounds and facilities.  Apologies and thanks to anyone I may not have mentioned here that was also involved.



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