2022 Race 55, Battle of Leon Creek 5K

Photos are here:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tk6qBLZce2Nsm3VR8

Before The Start:  my 55th race of 2022 was the Battle of Leon Creek 5K held on Nov 5 starting and finishing at Hill Country Place apartments just off of UTSA Boulevard.  This event was the 4th event in the Hill Country series of races leading up to the San Antonio Rock n Roll events.  Put on by Scallywompus, a top-notch company that provides series of races over the year, this event had 4 races: 20 miler; 10 miler; 10K; and 5K.  I did the 5K, which was the last one to start, at 8:45 a.m. I arrived with just under an hour until the 5K start and got to see the 10K folks get started.  The 20-miler and 10-miler participants had a way earlier start and were already out on the course.  Found some parking and then got a few pre-start photos.

On The Course:  All event started in the apartment complex area, then went onto the nearby greenway trail.  The trailhead and apartments are about a half-mile down from the upper parking lot of the UTSA Campus and also from Valero Energy Corporation headquarters on Valero Way. Scallywompus events are popular so usually get a very nice turnout.  For the 5K alone there were 281 finishers, per the results list of iaap, who did the course setup, timing and results.  All the courses were out-and-back.  The 5K started right on time.  The course was mainly flat, with a few inclines along the way; nothing major that you could really call a hill. I felt pretty good for this one as I did my usual run/walk thing, taking photos during my walk break. After making the 5K turn-round, I still felt pretty strong, so for the last mile, I ignored my walk break and went all the way to the finish. I ended up 2nd in my 65 – 69  5K age group – there were only 4 in that age group, lol –  with a chip time of 38:59.  This is nice progress, as, since I started my cancer treatment back in Sep 2021, my times really got longer – darn cancer can wear you out at times, for sure – with me finishing in the 42 – 44 minutes range.  Makes me feel like I am finally starting to get back to my former runner self. One more treatment to go – my last treatment is Nov 9 and then I am DONE.  Yay.

After My Finish: Got a few photos of other folks finishing, then went to get some water and some food.  The motto of Scallywompus is “Come for the race. Stay for the party.”  They are not kidding either.  All kinds of stuff at Scallywompus events, including sausage-on-a-stick, Alamo Beer , of which I enjoyed one, margaritas, bloody mary’s, Force Water (good electrolytes water to help you rehydrate; had a couple of those too) and lots more.  There was also a post-race raffle – I did not win a thing, darn the luck – and all kinds of vendors/sponsors giving away freebie things like hats, pens, buttons, and lots more. I just kicked back, enjoying it all while I wandered around chatting with friends and other participants – and making new friends – and getting some post-race photos.

Epilogue:  Bart (co-owner of Scallywompus) and Tony Garcia (Race Director) really throw a great event with some, ummm,   at times, “challenging courses”, lol, but they are all well-thought out and the participation for these is great.  No matter which distance you choose, because the majority of these events are all out-and-back, you get to see participants and friends from all the events ‘in passing”, as participants come and go.  The encouragement participants provide to each other as we all go along is great. And then when you finish, you have that great party waiting for you, sweet. Definitely will continue to do these events and certainly would recommend them to others.  Mucho thanks to all the people who made this one happen for we participants; all the sponsors and vendors;, the many many volunteers; the apartment management for allowing us use of the venue; the patience of the residents living in the apartment complex; UTSA for allowing us use of one of its parking areas; my friend Anthony for doing his usual entertaining and great job as our MC; and my friends Bart and Tony who are the primary ones getting these events all together. If I missed anyone, my apologies, thanks to all who were involved!

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