2022 Race 48, Purple Run 5K

Photos are here:


Before The Start:    My 48th 5K of 2022 was the Purple Run held on October 1 at Our Lady Of The Lake University.  This event supports The Battered Women and Children’ Shelter in partnership with the Kristine Meza Foundation, named for a young lady who sadly was killed by her ex-boyfriend at only 25 years old.  The Foundation’s mission is to raise public awareness about domestic violence. Race start time was 8:30 a.m., but opening ceremonies started at 7:30 am., with remarks from Foundation members – Kristine’s family, who started the foundation – and the San Antonio Police Chief, Bexar County Sheriff, and the Bexar County District attorney.  I arrived a little before 8 a.m. and got a few pre-start photos.  

On The Course:  Someone told me there were something like 400 registered for this event. If so, several missed out on a really nice 5K, as there were a total of 216 finishers.   We started in front of Our Lady Of the Lake University (OLLU), did a short route through part of the campus grounds, and then exited via one of the campus gates for a short stint on part of a sidewalk on Commerce Street.  Very short, as almost immediately we cut across a grassy field and then accessed the concrete trails of Lake Elmendorf Park.  We went to the end of this trail, crossed over a bridge and then returned toward the finish on the trail of the other side of the lake.  We crossed another bridge, returning to where we had first accessed the lake trail, and then returned to the finish the way we had initially come out.  I ended up 4th in my age group (60 – 69 males) with a chip time of 39:39. I was 38 seconds behind the guy in my age group who finished 3rd in 39:01.  I guess I shouldn’t have stopped during the last ½ mile to give  dog  treat, lol. All good though; I was very happy with my time.  I had a negative split for the last mile and also have not seen a finish time under 40 minutes in quite a while, since I began my treatment for prostate cancer back in 2021 (one more treatment in November and I am done, yay!), so this really affirmed to me I slowly but surely am beating this darn disease and getting better.  I did get  few photos of some others coming in after me, and then went searching for some post-race goodies.

 After My Finish:  First thing, get some rehydration and a bit of protein in me. After that, wandered around chatting with friends, supporters, other finishers, and getting some post-run photos.  Lots of post-run smiles, awards ceremony for the top 3 in each age group and for the overall finishers, and I also indulged in a popsicle a vendor had there, that was really good.

Epilogue:   This is really a very nicely organized event, with timing and course setup done by Athlete Guild, one of the area’s top race management companies, and they put on over the year quite a few pretty darn good Athlete Guild events too.  Music and sound provided by The Beat, 98.5, and there were just a whole bunch of vendors and sponsors there with all kinds of foods and goodies, including a food truck on site. Very nice quality race shirt. OLLU kindly gave us access to the main building, so we had actual restrooms instead of porta-potties, which was nice. I’ve done this event before; I certainly will do it again; and I would recommend it to others.  Very nicely done, all for a really good cause.

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