2022, Race 43, Boerne Rotary 5K for Labor Day

Photos are here:


Before The Start:   My 43rd race of 2022 was the Boerne Sunrise Rotary 5K for Labor Day held on August 3 at Boerne City Park with an 8 a.m. start time. The Boerne Rotary chapter raises funds for a variety of causes in the local area. I’ve been to Boerne several times but never to this park.  There is some ongoing construction on some of the Boerne roads so my directionally-challenged-self missed a turn or two and it took me a while to find this park.  Finally did arrive with plenty of time to spare – good think I got an early start from home – got my packet and then got a few pre-start photos.

On The Course:  There was a kid’s run that was done before the main event, a ½ mile distance if I remember correctly.  Then we lined up for the 5K.  One of the race directors noted to us that the timing for this one was ‘old school’:  no chip timing, just a simple time clock in the start/finish area. As a participant came to the finish/he she noted the clock time and gave the finish time to one of the volunteers who wrote it down. Made me think of my early running days when I was just starting. Yes, I am older than dirt, lol.  The course was out-and-back.  We started near the park’s tennis courts, then went out onto a concrete Trail called “Old No. 9 Trail” which is about 1.5 miles out and 1.5 miles back – but not quite, so that is why we initially started back from the time clock a bit, by the tennis courts, to make sure we got in 3.1 miles. The course is a mostly flat concrete one, with just a couple of small inclines and a few bridges to cross with some metal on it that sure makes a racket when you cross those. The trail runs adjacent to some of the Cibolo Natural Trails that were on our right going out, on our left coming back.  There were a few people out there hiking on the trail and also some walking their dogs, so I diverted once in a while down to the trail to give a dog a treat – yes I carry dog biscuits with me when I run – and then get back on the course at the same spot I got off it.  Killed my finish time, of course, lol, but what the heck, I had fun.  Our turn-around point was a dead-end small circle area where there was a course marshal ut there for us.  I don’t wear my glasses when I run so with my near-sighted eyes I can see in front of me far enough not to fall over something but I can’t see distance. When I approached the turn-round and I was still a bit away from it, I could just barely see what I thought was a white shirt on a post, so thought that must be our turn-around marker.  Then when I got there, I saw it was an actual guy wearing a white shirt.  Lol. Ok, turn around now, and back the way I had come, with a couple more dog-treat stops.  My Garmin time was 43:11, averaging 14-something minute miles, my clock time was a minute or so longer than that.

After My Finish: Walked around a bit sipping some water, ate a banana, and then got some post-race photos.  The event gave out overall and 1st, 2nd, and third age groups in 5-year increments, nice, so for this one I was not in a 55-99 age group, lol, like some of the bigger events have.   Overall male and female and master’s male and female got medals too.  I was 2nd in my 65-69 males age group. Epilogue:  This was my first time doing this event.  There were maybe about 50 to 60 participants, plus the Kid Run participants. Small event but very well done at really nice venue with indoor restrooms, water fountains, picnic tables, tennis courts and soccer fields.  Since this park is adjacent to the Cibolo nature area, between the park trail and the nature area trails, you could probably get in a really nice long run if you are so inclined. When I was leaving I noticed there was also some kind of carnival area across the street – rides, booths, etc – so I guess you could make a day of it after the event with your family, friends, etc. Post-race goodies were water, bananas, and a few other things, very simply done.  As noted, ‘old school’ running race, but very enjoyable.  I’d do this one again and I would recommend it to others. 

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