2022 Race 16, Run To Remember 5K and 10K

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START – My 16th race of 2022 was the 10th annual Beards vs Beans Run To Remember 5K held on April 9th at Comanche Park in San Antonio.  There was also a 10K, a Kids Run and a 0.5K beer run/walk, in which contestants walked or ran with a glass of beer, with the winner being the one with the most beer left in the glass.  Beards to Beans is a friendly contest between the brothers who organized this event as a way to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and see which brother can raise the most. If Matt winds, Miguel has to eat a plate of beans (I’m with Miguel on this one, yuk). If Miguel wins, Matt has to shave his beard. Since this event started, this event has raised more than $65K, with all the funds going directly to the San Antonio and South Texas Alzheimer’s Association.   Race start time was around 7:30 a.m., with the 10K folks starting first and the 5K participants shortly after them. I arrived at the park with about 35 minutes to go to the start and got a few pre-start photos. 

ON THE COURSE – Course was out-and-back for both the 10K and the 5K. Races started in the park’s pavilion area and was done on off-road paved park trails. Most of the participants found the weather nicely acceptable: sunshine, hardly any wind, blue skies, and a temp in the mid 50’s. Personally, since I am like warmer weather – I prefer it 60 and up, lol – I found it a little chilly for me so wore a base layer under my race shirt.  I talked to one guy who was visiting from Alaska and he told me he was ecstatic about being able to run in shorts and a singlet, since when he left Alaska it was 27 degrees there.  BRRR! I did my usual run/walk thing and took photos during my walk breaks.  I am not speedy – never was, lol – and these days, since getting my pacemaker in 2019 and being also currently treated for prostate cancer my pace runs around 12 to 13 minutes per mile.  At this event I finished 4th in my 60-69 males age group at 38:47 chip time, 24 seconds behind the 3rd place guy in my age group.  Guess I should not have stopped to get that last on-course photo, lol. All good though.     

AFTER MY FINISH – Immediately after I finished, instead of continuing to do a cool-down walk around as I usually do, I stupidly stopped cold right off, which, of course, caused my blood pressure to drop somewhat and cause me to get a bit dizzy for a moment or two.  You’d think after 38 years of running that I would know better, lol – and I DO know better – so then got walking again, slowly and carefully, and after a few minutes felt much better. However, just in case, I went over to the medical tent and sat with them for while getting hydrated again and having a nice chat with these two ladies, so thanks to them.  Felt much better and so it was off to get some post-race photos.

Epilogue – This is a really nicely done event put on by Miguel and Matt.  I have not done all of them since it first started – at least, I don’t think so – but I have done quite a few of them over the years. Erik of Dragon’s Den was our MC and did a great job.  Dragon Productions puts on some pretty darn good events over the years too, and they also support a lot of events. Top-notch local race management company iaap did the results and timing. There was also some nice post-race goodies that included barbecue sandwiches, various chips and other sundries and fruits, and post-race Alamo Beer, nice, along with water, Gatorade, and more. Very nice quality race shirt and finisher medals to all participants. I will definitely continue to do this race in the future whenever able and most certainly would recommend it to others.  Also, check out the next upcoming race of the brothers – the Longest Day in June.  This one is like ‘part 2” of raising funds for Alzheimer’s and is also a very nicely done event.

MUCHO THANKS TO:  Matt and Miguel for giving us this quality event for a great cause; all the volunteers out there for us; all the sponsors who made this one happen for we participants; the police officers and the two medical ladies who were onsite for our safety; the “official” photographers at the event (I am the unofficial one, lol), our sound and music guy, and anyone else I may inadvertently not have mentioned here. Thank you all so much!            

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