2022 Race 14, OLLU Confetti 5K

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  My 14th race of 2022 was the Confetti 5K, held on April 2nd at Our Lady Of The Lake University in San Antonio, with a 9 a.m. start. Weather was pretty nice with sunshine, blue skies, very little wind, and a temp a bit over 60 degrees, with and fairly high humidity. Very nice turn-out for this event, with 494 finishers. If I remember correctly, there were a lot more registered than actually did the race.  This is one of my ‘streak’ races as I have done this one every year since it started.  When it had to go virtual during the heaviest time of the pandemic, I did it virtual, running the actual course. I kept my streak going by doing it this year too. I arrived with about an hour to start time and enjoyed wandering around the grounds, chatting with friends, and getting some pre-start photos. There were lots of vendor booths at this one, and lots of goodies too, including coffee for those who wanted that before the start, and various pastries and other food items. There was even a food truck on site.

ON THE COURSE:  This is a nicely laid-out course that starts us in front of the main building of the university.  The start cannon goes off  with confetti shot into the air and then we participants are moving  over the start timing mat with confetti floating all around us. We followed a campus road that took us to the back of the building, and then past another building, where we made a turn and did a short out-and-back. We proceeded past a road and parking area on our left and then made a right turn which took us down a road that exited the campus via a gate by Commerce Avenue. Right turn here, running on sidewalk for a brief time and then a right turn that took us up a ramp and over a bridge onto the paved trails of the man-made lake by the university; nicely scenic. We followed the lake trails until we came to a street at the far end of the lake.  At this point we went down a small ramp, made a left turn, and crossed a bridge to the other side of the lake. Once back on the lake trails we crossed another bridge, taking us to the side of the lake we had started on. We then proceeded down to another bridge, crossed the lake again, and then followed the trails that eventually took us back to the sidewalk on Commerce Street.  After that, it was back to the finish line the way we had come out, minus doing the short out-and-back part on the way to the finish. The course for the most part is very flat, with just a few small inclines when you cross over the bridges; nothing you can really call a hill. Very well thought-out course, and since the lake area is also a public park, there are even a few porta-potties out there if anyone needed to use them. There were two water stops on the course, which was nice. I did not see anyone fall into the lake, and I managed not to do that myself either, lol, even though I have a history when I am running around water of having fallen into the water on occasion. My running friends at this event who know my history would kind of edge me toward the middle of the trail when they came along, lol.  I ended up with a chip time of 39:04, 8th out of 20 in my 60-69 males age group.

AFTER MY FINISH – First, got some water and walked around a bit sipping that and cheering other people coming into the finish. I got a few photos of some others finishing.  After that, I enjoyed wandering around partaking of some of the post-race goodies, which included sausage wraps, beer, and other assorted drinks – I think there were even bloody mary’s if I remember correctly – and there was a ton of various types of snacks, treats, etc.  The food truck on site was doing a brisk business too.   Lots of fun and photo-taking post-race with friends and other participants.

Epilogue – This is really a very well-done event and one of my favorites of the year, thanks to Race Director Liz and all her many volunteers.  Very nicely laid out course, really nice quality tech tee race shirt, nicely designed finisher medal for everyone, and one really great after-party.  Very beautiful location for the race too with the lake and the architecture of the university buildings. Our Lady Of The Lake is one of the oldest and most historic universities in the city and the campus shows this in a really great and positive way. Also nice, that the university staff opens the main building for participants and supporters, so access to actual restrooms – nice not having to stand in a porta-potty line.   I will certainly continue to keep my streak going for this one as long as I am able, and most assuredly would recommend this one to others.

MUCHO THANKS TO:  Everyone who helped make this one happen for we participants: all the sponsors, volunteers, university staff and students who helped out, university police officers out there for us, our MC Anthony Zamora who did his usual great job, our sound and music guy, the medical folks that were onsite for us – I think it was people from the Methodist Hospital system – and anyone else I may not have mentioned here. Kudos, Liz, another great year of the event for you!          

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