2021 Race 10 Scallywompus Siesta Half, 10K, 5K


Race photos are at the above link.

BEFORE MY START:  My 10th race of 2020 was the Siesta 5K on April 25, held in Comfort, Texas, about an hour’s drive west of San Antonio. The main event was a half-marathon and there was also a 10K. Put on by Scallywompus company, this event was the last one in it Texas Hill Country series of races.  Participants could sign up for individual races in the series, or get a races discount by signing up for the whole series.  The weather for this event turned out pretty nice, sunshine, blue skies, just about no wind, and humidity pretty low in the 50% range.  The half started at 7:30 a.m., the 10K at 8:15 or so, and the 5K at 8:30 a.m.  Since I was doing the 5K, I got to sleep in a tad later than the other races participants.  Arrived at the race site around 8 a.m. The half-marathon folks had already started, and 10K/5K participants were awaiting their start times.  Nice turn-out for this one.  Since I had already picked up my packet the day before I spent my wait-for-my-start time wandering around the area chatting with friends and participants, giving the doggies there some treats, and getting some photos.  10K participants left right on time, with we 5K participants cheering them on their way.  More waiting and then it was our turn.

ON THE COURSE:   Comfort is in Texas Hill Country and for 2 of these races – the half and the 10K – it sure was true.  Participants in these events told me they definitely had some hills on their course.  The 5K course stayed mainly in the downtown Comfort area and in some surrounding neighborhoods, with our highest ‘elevation’ being something like 62 feet.  So pretty flat for the most part, with just 2 small inclines on the course.  Since the 5K started last, we participants got to see some of the faster 10K people and a few of the speedier half-marathon people heading for their finishes.  Believe me, some of these people are REALLY speedy.   I did my usual run/walk thing, taking photos during my walk breaks, chatting with other participants, and just enjoying myself.  Ended up with a time of 37:09, averaging 11:54 per mile, and did a negative split for the last mile, nice. Ended up with 3rd place in my 65-69 age group. I think there were only 3 in my age group, lol.

AFTER MY FINISH: “Come for the race. Stay for the party.”  Scallywompus is not kidding either, with this motto.  They always have a heck of an after-party, with lots of drink and food. My friend Gilbert had his best assortment of fresh fruits out; there was also sausage-on-a-stick, Alamo Beer, bloody mary’s, and a whole assortment of various goodies provided the sponsors/vendors there. There was also a food truck on site if anyone wanted to purchase food from that and they had quite a nice selection too, pulled pork sandwiches, breakfast tacos, etc.  Music played by DJ Paul and friend Jason did a great job as MC with FLARE in his usual colorful manner.  Wandered around sampling goodies, taking photos, treating my doggie friends there, chatting with friends, and thoroughly enjoying myself.  As usual with their events, well done Scallywompus, well done!

Epilogue: As noted, a really nice quality event in a nice location. Very nice quality race shirt and unique finisher medals for all finishers. Age-group awards were unique glasses – the kind you drink from, not wear. 😉   Very nice facilities, including some actual indoor restroom facilities, as well as the porta-potties.  Lots of post-race goodies, and more.  Definitely would do this one again – Comfort is actually a pretty nice little town to run in – and would recommend it to others.

MUCHO THANKS TO:  Hill Country Distillers property was the site of the start/finish/post-race party area, so mucho thanks to them for the use of their grounds. Really a nice place with an outside porch and a small side yard with some table, and then a large yard – which is where we all were mostly for the duration of the event – and a nice touch was some chairs “socially distanced” placed that participants could sit in pre-and-post race, to relax, drink, eat, etc.      Thanks to all the Scallywompus folks and their volunteers and sponsors that made this one happen for we participants; to the police officers at the various course intersections, keeping participants safe; to the two medical staff ladies on site for us if needed; and anyone else I may not have mentioned here that had a part in giving us this quality event.  Also, thanks to the city and people  of Comfort, for allowing us to park all over their streets on this Sunday morning for the event; and thanks for the patience of you drivers who were maybe out this morning on part of the course. Thank you all!   

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