2020 Race 23 Oh My Quad 5K

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:   On Oct 10, I did my 23rd race of 2020, the Oh My Quad 5K held at Guadalupe Brewery in New Braunfels, Texas., and organized by race company Athlete Guild.  There were 197 finishers for this one, 87 male and 110 female. Race start time of 8:30. I arrived around 7:30 a.m., got my race packet, and then got a few pre-start photos.  

ON THE COURSE:  The weather was pretty nice, even with a later 8:30 a.m. start.   Clear skies, sunshine, with a few clouds on occasion, and a temp of 68 degrees. However, the humidity was 93%, making it feel warmer.  Due to COVID restrictions, a staggered start, with about  15 – 20 runners  per group spread out and released gradually.  At my slow pace, I lined up way in the back, so was almost one of the last to get started.  Had some spinal arthritis issues flare up on Thursday and Friday before race day but once I got started on the course, I actually felt pretty good.    The course was flat, with us running on the road in front of the brewery.  Left onto the road from the start line, down to a turn-round point; then back the way we had come out, went past the finish line, and then down to a turn-round point on another road. From there, back to the finish the way we had just come out. There are a couple of cement factories out here, and truck delivery areas, so with the roads open to traffic, we did have some of these big trucks passing us off-and-on. From where I was at any given moment, the drivers were pretty patient about it, and drove slowly and carefully past the participants; at least where I was; maybe it was different for some of the other participants. Planned to just take it easy, have fun, get some photos, and at least finish by sunset. 😉.  Hit Mile 1 at 11:49 and paid for that, lol, ending up with positive splits. Finished in 38:34, averaging 12:22 per mile. 10-year age groups – mine being 60 – 69, so did not even come close to placing, as there are some real speedy old farts in my age group, lol.  My friend Woody got 2nd.

After My Finish.   Stuck around the finish line and got a couple photos of others coming in, including my friend Ralph. Then went back to my car, sat for a few minutes in the ac, cooling down and drinking some cold water I had brought with me. Changed into a dry shirt, and then went to enjoy the after-party and get some ‘happy finishers and supporters” photos.  The brewery threw a really nice after-party with beer, of course, and some other drinks, and also had various kinds of tacos and some sausages.  Lots of tables to sit at – some of which you were able to reserve before the race if you had a group of people with you – in a very nice “back-yard’ or picnic-type location, with tables spread out from each other, and there was also a cover patio with tables too.   Pretty nice atmosphere.  I enjoyed a beer and a taco as I wandered around chatting with friends and participants and getting some photos.

Epilogue:  Very nicely done event.  Athlete Guild organized everything very nicely, from packet pickup to putting up results, and made sure everyone was ‘behaving themselves” per the guidelines set by the county for having a ‘live’ race.  Actually, from what I saw where I was at any given moment, everyone was pretty compliant, which was good for everyone, especially if we want to keep having live races while we live in these crazy times.  As noted, the brewery really did well with the after-party goodies, seating arrangements, etc. Nice also to have indoor restroom facilities instead of porta-potties. I chatted with a couple of the employees post-race – and I think one of the owners, if I remember correctly – and they were all very nice, and very accommodating for this event.  This is definitely an event I would recommend and would do again.  Also, I would recommend if you have a chance to visit the brewery, then go.  Have a meal, get a drink. Very nice place with very nice staff and atmosphere.  Also dog and kid friendly too.

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