2020 Race #20, Bakersmith TX 5K

Photos from my report are here:


BEFORE MY START: On Sep 19, 2020, I did the Bankersmith 5K, my 20th “live” race of 2020.   This was the second race in a series of 4 that I signed up to do, called Remember The Alamo Beer.  The main event for this one was a half marathon and there was also a 10-miler and a 5-miler.  This event was held in Bankersmith, Texas which, from what I read online is a ‘ghost town’ near Fredericksburg TX.  The adventure started with my drive to get there. It was normal until I got to “Road 9”,  the road that took participants to the race site. One of the most twisting, hilly roads I have ever driven, and although it was only an 11 mile drive on this road, mentally it felt like forever.  At one point I thought I heard Twilight Zone music, and was going to go around the next curve and see Rod Serling standing there, or the Rock n Roll Band in Heaven, lol  Finally did arrive at the race site, got parked, and walked down to the “city center” of Bankersmith, where all the activity was. Had already picked up my packet so wandered around and got a few pre-start photos.

ON THE COURSE:  The half and 10-mile folks were already on their courses by the time I arrived. The 5-miler folks were the next to leave at 8 a.m., and then we 5K folks started at 8:15.  Really nice weather for this one, not too humid at all, and temp in the 60s, very nice.  The 5K course started down a long hill, and then we climbed up another long hill.  Then a bit of flat to the turn-round point. Then back down that 2nd long uphill we had climbed on the way out; and of course, the hill we had come down on when we first started was now a challenging uphill on the way to the finish.  Fun stuff. After the race, friends who did the half, 10-mile, and 5-mile, told me they had to do that too, and then they had even MORE hills on their courses.  Glad I only did the 5K, lol.  I finished in 38:06, averaging 12:13 minutes per mile and had negative splits of 12:31, 12:07, and 12:05, so pretty consistent.  I ended up first in my age group (65 – 69) since I was the only one IN my age group, lol. I also took my walk breaks like I was supposed to (stupid arthritis) and got several course photos, and then got a few more photos of friends and a few others coming into the finish.

After My Finish.   First, banana and water, and just relax for a few minutes.  After that, wandered around taking photos of what I call the “Happy Finishers” since most people after they are done are smiling more than they did before the start and on the course, lol.   Also found the beer and sausage, nice.

Epilogue:  Live event, well-organized as usual by the great folks of Scallywompus, with special mention to Tony Garcia and Julianne Hansen, who got me sorted out after I registered twice for this event, lol.  Very nice after-party with our music man playing tunes; MC Jason Cox doing his usual great job as host and entertaining everyone; and Tony and Julianne making sure everything was going smoothly.  Also, thanks to all the volunteers who were out there for us.  Thanks also to the race photographers and, of course, all the sponsors that helped make this one happen for we participants. And thanks also for the patience of the residents who live in this area.  This was an open-road course and where I was at any given time, the drivers were pretty careful and polite, at least on the 5K course. Hopefully for all the other participants too on the other courses.  And thanks for Bankersmith for hosting us…I think Rod Serling is the mayor…

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