2019 Race Number 64 Humana San Antonio Rock n Roll 5K

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My 64th race of 2019 was the Humana San Antonio Rock n Roll 5K on Saturday, Dec 7th.  There was also a 10K.  These were  prelude races to the main events being held on Sunday, the Marathon, Half Marathon and Half Marathon Relay. This is quite a popular event and was very crowded.   Since there were so many participants, everyone was assigned starting corrals based on their predicted finish times on the entry form.  I was in Corral 4, based on my predicted 35-minute finish time, but that was pre-pacemaker and pre-hurt foot, so I expected today to do way longer than 35 minutes.  My wife, Gail, was in Corral 5.  She is a strong walker and walks about a 14 to 15 minute mile.


Still nursing a sore left foot,  but at the Expo the day before I had chatted with a gentleman from Fleet Feet and he fitted me out with a nice pair of top-of-the line compression sleeves, which were not too expensive at all with the Expo discount and my military discount.  I figured I would give them a try and if they did not work for me, then I’d just walk the whole event.  Starters released each Corral, then held the next corral back for about 3 minutes or so, released them, and so forth.  My Corral finally got released about 10 minutes after Corral 1 started.  So..I just started an easy jog and was really pleasantly surprised. The sleeves fit well over my normal running socks and my feet did not feel ‘tight’ at all in my shoes.  After I started jogging, wow, I felt very comfortable and had no foot pain or discomfort.   I did my usual 8 minute run/2 minute walk thing, but also did not want to push it, so made a lot of photo stops and just pretty much ran/walked easier than I usually do. Felt pretty good the whole way and finished in 41:27, averaging about 12:57 miles. I was okay with that, just happy I was running again, felt good!  Helped that the course was flat too, at least the 5K was – point to point, with us finishing at Travis Park in downtown San Antonio for a really nice after-party.

After My Finish

Stood a bit back from the finish line and got a few photos of some others coming in, including a few of the people I had run with a times on the course – and some of the speedier 10K folks were also finishing up.  Saw my wife coming in and got a close-up of her smiling face.  Then we wandered around for a bit, enjoying some of the after-race goodies, including a beer for me.  Gail headed on back since she wanted to go to the Expo again, and I hung around for a bit more chatting with friends and new friends and getting some after photos.


I don’t know how the 10K went, but the 5K is a nicely done event on a really good route, crossing over some road bridges that provide a nice view of the San Antonio Riverwalk below.  Everyone got a finisher medal and the race shirt is pretty nice quality.  I probably would do the 5K again in the future sometime – since it’s the only one of  RnR races I can do, lol, since I can’t run distance anymore;  the 5K was an enjoyable experience and all the volunteers on the course and in the finish area after were great..  There was also a nice post-race area for kids, where they played games, could get photos with a Taco costumed person, and so forth. Nice touch.

Many thanks to all the people who made this one happen for we participants, including all the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, police officers and EMTs out there for us, the Rock n Roll and Humana folks at the expo for packet pickup, all of them were great and packet pickup this year was quite efficient and well done. I think San Antonio Sports was involved with this one too, so thanks to them also. Apologies and thanks to anyone I may not have mentioned here that was also involved.

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