2019 Race Number 19 San Antonio City Manager’s 5K

My 19th race of 2019 was the City Manager’s 5K (CM5k) held on March 31 at Roosevelt Park in San Antonio. This event started in 20007 to showcase the city’s concentration on increasing an interest in wellness among City of San Antonio employees and their families. As the 5K grew, it was eventually opened to the entire community.  For this year’s 5K, the city partnered with the YMCA and its annual Siclovia event, a free event that turns major city streets into a temporarily car-free safe place for people to run, ride bikes, take exercise classes, and more for about 5 hours. CM5K has become quite a popular event.  For this year, not sure how many participants there were, but it was well over 2,500, from just looking at the results.

Please feel free to save/share my event report and photos located at the links below:

Detailed commentary report with photos:


Photos Only Slideshow:


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