2018 Race 77 Scallywompus Battle of Leon Creek 5K, 10-Mile, and 20-Mile

My 77th race of 2018 was Battle of Leon Creek 5K.  Part of the Alamo Beer series of races, this is the last race of the year  of a series of races put on by local race company Scallywompus, and sponsored by local brewery Alamo Beer, that helps participants train for the upcoming San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon.  The main events of this race were the 20-miler and the 10-miler, with the 20-miler starting at 7:30 am., the 10-miler at 8:15 a.m. and the 5K at 9 a.m.  There were also several inspiring disabled participants who participated too.  The disabled athletes also started at 7:30.  Race location was near University of Texas at San Antonio at some apartments right down from one of the university parking lots and adjacent to the Leon Creek off-road greenway paved trail.

Full report with commentary and photos


Photos Only:



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