2018 Race 32 San Antonio Roadrunners Fiesta Fandango

My 32nd race of 2018 was San Antonio Roadrunners Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Miler held on April 28th, running the route of the Fiesta San Antonio Flambeau Parade.  Please feel free to save/share my event report and photos at the links below.

Full report with photos and commentary:


Photos Only Slideshow:


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2 Responses to 2018 Race 32 San Antonio Roadrunners Fiesta Fandango

  1. veronica ramos says:

    Scotty, can you please post pictures of the fiesta fandango judging phase? My group was Monsters Inc. and there is not a single photo of the group posted. Also, would like to see the 300 Spartan group photos , I just watched the slideshow and it is wonderful.

    • Sorry, the only photos I took are what you see in my report. I did not take photos of the judging. I was already on the bus by then heading to the start. you need to check with Tom Lake at San Antonio Roadrunners. He was the official photographer and probably got everyone. I just do my photos for fun and they are not very professional, just amateur random photography photos.

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