Photos: Running in Washington State

I went to Wenatchee, Washington, with my wife from Jul 29 – August 4, for her 40th high school reunion. During that week I did manage to get some running in, including a 5K on July 31,  a 4.2 mile run on August 1, a 3.2 mile run on August 1 in Confluence State Park, and a really wild trail run at Icicle Creek Gorge Trail on August 2.   These runs were quite a change from San Antonio as the morning temps were usually in the low to middle 60s……sweeeet!

Reports and photos on these runs are below.  Please feel free to save.

Mattawa 5K:  already posted on the main page of my blog

Wenatchee River Paths Run:

Confluence State Park/Horan Natural Area:

Icicle Creek Gorge Trail:


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