Sunday in the Park

On  Sunday, I did a run/walk in a Elmendorf Lake Park, a local park I have actually never been to.  When I started out, I noticed a couple of the trees by the lake were full of these birds.

race 073

race 071

race 072

Some nice views of the lake and buildings from Our Lady of the Lake University near the lake.

race 067 race 064 race 065 race 066

I guess some would call this “graffiti” but I thought these murals on near the park trail were quite good.

race 070 race 068 race 069

In the past the West Side of San Antonio has had a reputation for crime and being an unsafe area.  On my run this morning, everyone I met along the way was quite friendly and I felt quite comfortable in this park.  This is a very pretty little park, one I will certainly visit again in the future.



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