2020 Race 29 Run To Remember 5K/10K

Photos are at this link:   


BEFORE MY START: My 29th race of 2020 was the Run To Remember 5K on November 15th in LaVernia, Texas.  There was also a 10K.  Start and finish from The Den, a very nice restaurant/bar/entertainment venue with a beautiful outside patio area, and a game playing area.  Nice atmosphere, good food and drink. This run was to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association in support of finding a cure, etc.  Race start time of 8 a.m.  Weather was pretty nice at around 68 degrees or so, but it was VERY windy, so felt a bit cooler in the shady areas. I arrived with about 45 minutes to go to start time and got a few pre-start photos.   

ON THE COURSE: Social distancing start, with the 10K folks starting first.  This was a loop course, so the 10K folks had to do 2 loops. About 10 runners or so released to start every few minutes to maintain social distancing.  Starting out, we ran directly into the wind, which was pretty tough as hard as it was blowing, felt like a big hand pushing against you.  After making a turn into a really nice neighborhood the wind was still blowing pretty good, but at least not directly into our faces now.  The course was nicely laid out on wide streets in a very pretty neighborhood. We made a loop through this area, then went out onto the main street heading back toward The Den.  Before we got to The Den start/finish area, we made another turn that took us up to a local school.  The first time I did this course for a previous 5K, we had to go in front of the school and jump up onto a sidewalk, run on that, then jump down on the other side, and then run down a road beside the school.  For this event, however, Eric of Dragon’s Den, was a lot smarter and laid out the course so we ran or walked behind the school, so no jumping anything, just nice even surfaces to be on.  I am sure the participants with running strollers appreciated this!  Much better course route than the original 5K I did here.  After making the turn behind the school, we then proceeded back the way we had come; a short incline up to the main road, and then back to the finish line.  I ended up with a time of 38:04, 3rd in my 60 – 69 age group.  The guy who finished second was only 11 seconds ahead of me.  Shouldn’t have stopped to take that last photo, lol.   All good, though, nice course and enjoyed myself.

AFTER MY FINISH:  Post-race goodies included various fruits, water, and Alamo beer.  Also, The Den serves up a nice variety of good eats for Sunday 9 a.m. breakfast for those who wanted to partake of that. Finisher medal to all finishers, and nice ‘tile’ award for the first three age group placers in each age group. I sat in the patio area post-race, enjoying some fruit and water and then enjoyed wandering around chatting with friends and getting some post-race photos.

Epilogue:  This was a really well-done event with a nice course, good quality race tee, and very nice finisher medals.  Really nicely done course.  Announcing by Eric of E-Dragon Productions, which I think provided the very nice age-group award tiles too.  Maybe the race shirts also.  Normally this event is held in San Antonio, but due to the pandemic had to be moved to LaVernia, which is okay, it all worked out well.  Would definitely do this one again, and would recommend it to other.  Kudos to Race Director Miguel for a great job with this one. 

 Mucho thanks to all the people that made this event happen for we participants: all the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, police officers out there on the road for us, etc.  Thanks to The Den management and staff for letting us invade their space for a while, and thank to anyone else I may not have mentioned here.

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2020 Race 28 Battle of Hillotes 5K

Photos are at this link:


BEFORE MY START:  On Nov 14, 2020, I did my 28th race of 2020, the Scallywompus “Battle of Leon Creek 5K.”  This was the 4th and fina; race in a series of “Remember The Alamo Beer” race, which gradually increased distances for the longer runs until the series culminated in today’s 20-miler, the main event.  There was a 5K at each race and I did all 4 of the 5Ks. Today’s event also included a 10-miler and a half-marathon.  Location was in Canyon Lake, starting and finishing in the Anytime Fitness parking lot area. The 5K was the last to start, so I got to sleep in a bit, and then drove to the race location, arriving with about an hour to go to the 5K start.  The 20-milers and half folks had already left, and the 10-milers were getting ready to go shortly.  I’d already picked up my packet the day before, so wandered around chatting with friends and getting a few photos.  Weather was overcast (nice) with a bit of wind (nice) but pretty humid (not so nice) with the temp about 68 – 71 degrees.

ON THE COURSE:  Out of the parking lot onto a paved road.     Down this road to a left turn, taking us on a fairly flat road that led to a bridge over the Guadalupe River.  A short downhill to the bridge, then after getting to the other side, we began to climb. Fairly long hill, with the river to our right, as we ran facing traffic.  After cresting this long hill, we had a bit of a flat, winding road that went to the 5K turn-round point.  Then it was back the way we had come out.  By this time, some of the speedier half and 10-miler folks – and maybe some of the really speedy 20-mile folks too – were beginning to come back from their turn-round points, also heading to the finish line.  Of course, since we went uphill from the river, we now had a downhill back to the river bridge, which was nice; but not much easier on my joints as, with spinal arthritis, downhills actually pound me a bit more than uphills do. Even so, I felt pretty good and was making good time for a slow old dog.  After I got to the bridge, I started to push myself a bit faster, knowing I now had just a tad under a mile to go. At that point, a young lady came up behind me and said “Scotty, aren’t you supposed to be behaving yourself?”   I was like, Whaaat?  How the heck did she know this?  I had seen my doctor on Friday for a non-infectious prostate condition and was given antibiotics for 10-days. I told my doc I had 2 races this weekend and she said, well, I could still do them, just take it easy.  The young lady, who was doing the 10-miler told me she was one of my doc’s nurses and she was the one who updated all her case results, so she knew I had been at the office on Friday and what the doc told me.  Dang.  Busted on the race course, lol.   She continued on ahead of me, jokingly telling me “I’ll be watching you when you finish.”  Lol.  OK, so I “forced” myself to stop on the bridge – it was so hard to make myself stop 😉 – and had the official photographer take a photo of me with the river behind me.  So that slowed me down a bit.  After that, a nice lil run to the finish line, completing the 5K in the take-it-easy time, lol, of 38:34, averaging 12:17 per mile.

AFTER MY FINISH: Got some water post-race and then wandered around getting some photos of the Happy Finishers, supporters, etc.  Ended up being third in my age group.  I think there were only 3 in my age group, lol. Nice post-race activities with music, various fruits, two types of sausage-on-a-stick, and adult beverages that included beer and some vodka mix drinks.   Scallywompu is not kidding when they tell you “Come for the race.  Stay for the party.”

Epilogue:   Very nicely done event at a really nice location.   This event was supposed to have been at Bankersmith TX but got moved to this location due to ‘some stuff”.  Personally, I was glad it got moved to here, I was getting tired of that Bankersmith course – and that spooky drive to get there, lol. Yes, this is a hilly course, but much more scenic with the river views and lots of tree shade. Course was open to traffic, but where I was at any given times, the drivers were pretty cautious and polite.  Most of them had their windows down, so as I passed them and they passed me, I called out a “Thank you!” to every one of them.  I don’t think the speedier runners would have been able to do that; but at my slow pace, I still had lots of breath left, lol. All the Scallywompus event are greatly done, and they have quite a variety of events over the year, so if you have never done one, sign up and see how it goes for you.  I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

 Mucho thanks to all the people that made this event happen for we participants: all the Scallywompus folks and volunteers; all the many sponsors providing support; our food-and-drinks folk; the local businesses in our start/finish area for allowing them to invade their space for a while – I encountered a few of the local business owners and thanked them personally on behalf of all we runners and walkers; and to the EMT folks that were out there for us, as well as the local law enforcement officers patrolling the roads for our safety; and to anyone else I may have not mentioned here.  Thank you all!

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2020 Race 27 Bulldog Dash 5K

Race photos are here:


Introduction:  I am Scotty aka “Scottydog”, called that because I carry dog biscuits when I run and treat the doggies I meet along my way – or throw them in the other direction if a dog want to chase me. I actually register for all my events as Scotty Dogg and this is the name all my running friends know me by.  I became a runner during my Air Force career, on April 15, 1983, when I was stationed at Incirlik, Turkey. I always remember the exact date since I started on Tax Day, lol. And as all we runners know, sometimes running can be very taxing. 😉  As a cancer survivor, I have this superstition that as long as I keep running I won’t have a recurrence – so far so good! – so that is why I had my running shirts printed up; every time I get lazy and don’t feel like going for my run, all I have to do is open my shirt drawer and remember why I keep on running. That, plus I love to run anyway, lol. As I’ve gotten older I’m dealing with a few challenges – as we all usually do as we get older – with some spinal and hip arthritis – which is why I now do run/walk these days – and I’ve had a few surgeries, including 4 knee surgeries, and still have the screw that goes all the way through below my knee, holding my left kneecap in place.  Never-the-less I manage to do okay and complete quite e a few races over the year; 91 races in 2018 is my all-time high so far.  Never give up!

BEFORE MY START:  On Nov 7, I did my 27th race of 2020, the Bulldog Dash in Buda, Texas. This event supported a local elementary school, if I remember correctly. The event was held at the Buda YMCA Camp Moody, a very nice facility with the usual YMCA accoutrements and also a really nice Natatorium with an indoor pool.The grounds of this facility are really large with various terrain running and walking trails and also equipment for ‘team building’, like a climbing tower and so forth. Event start time of 7:30 a.m. and there was also a kid’s run.  I arrived with about 45 minutes to start time, got my packet and then got a few pre-start photos.  We had a nice sunny day for this event, with the temp being about 58 or so when I first arrived, and then around 62 or so when we were on the course.

ON THE COURSE: Starting in the parking lot in front of the main YMCA building, we went onto the entrance road of the park, down to some cones where we did a turn-around and the proceeded back the way we had come out. We continued past the Y building on a paved road and then went into ‘the interior” running trails that included dirt, gravel, and grass.  We made a loop in this area on the various trails and then ended up back on the paved road heading for the Y.  I figured we would finish by turning back into the parking lot, so I started pushing a bit.  However, the volunteers directed us back up to road to the cones we had looped around after the start, and THEN we went back to the finish.  Looking at my Garmin as we did this, I suspected this would make the race a tad long and did turn out to be 3.3, so not too long over.  After we were all done, our Race Director Jennifer jokingly said she definitely heard about, lol. 

AFTER MY FINISH: Got some water post-race and then wandered around getting some photos of the Happy Finishers, supporters, etc.  Got a bit chilly now that I was stopped, so thankfully had brought a dry shirt with me to put on.  Age groups were 10-year, so I didn’t even come close to placing in my 60 – 69 male age group, with a finish time o 41:32, averaging 12:38 per mile.    

Epilogue:   Very nicely done event at a really nice location.  Enjoyed doing a course I had never done before and got to meet a lot of great people. Really nice facility and trails. Definitely would do this one again, and would recommend it to others.

 Mucho thanks to all the people that made this event happen for we participants, including the Y for hosting us; Race Director Jennifer and her volunteers for getting thing organized; Athlete Guild for timing, results, etc., and all the sponsors and others who helped make this one happen for us.  

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2020 Race 26 Trick or Treat 5K

Race photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  On October 31 – Happy Halloween – my friend Lynette organized an inaugural fun 5K in La Vernita, Texas.  This became my 26th race done in 2020.  The Trick Or Treat 5K was held at The Den, a very nice bar/café in La Vernia, with a very accommodating and helpful staff that kindly allowed all we runners and walkers to invade their space for a while. Race start time of 7:30 a.m., so I was up early to head down to La Vernia to get my packet. I planned on taking a costume with me, but had a senior moment when I left home and forgot to put it into my car…duhhhhh..   Arrived on site with plenty of time to go to start time, got my race packet, and then took a few pre-start photos. 

ON THE COURSE: For we South Texans, weather was a bit chilly at 46 degrees, but at least we had a nice day for it with no rain or mist, just nice blue skies, no wind, and “abundant sunshine”, as the TV weather folks say.  The course was a nicely designed out-and-back course laid out by Race Director Lynette and our friend Tony Garcia. Except for the main road we started out and finished on, very little traffic in the neighborhood we went through.  And because of the early start, not much traffic on the main road either. Very nice neighborhood with very wide roads.  Plenty of room for everyone. After I made the turn-round, I saw one guy in his yard with his dog, watching us all go by.  I called out to him “Got any beer?” He laughed and said “Plenty!  Come on back after you’re done.”   Lol.  Friendly neighborhood!  :p     I ended up with a time of 37:50, averaging 12:03 minute miles.  I was third male in my age group – which was 60 – 99 for this event, lol, since it was a smaller event.  Plus, there were only 3 in my age group, lol.  My speedy friend Woody won our age group.    

After My Finish
.  It was still a bit chilly, so I walked back to my car where, thankfully, I had brought a dry shirt.  Put that on as my dry base layer, and then back to the race area to get a few photos of the happy finishers, supporters, etc.  Lynette did a really nice job with the awards ceremony and there was even a costume contest for both species at the race: humans and dogs.  There were quite a few doggies there, so I ran out of treats pretty quickly.

Epilogue:  One of the best inaugural events I have attended. Very well organized at a nice location – and indoor restrooms are always plus, lol. Very nicely laid out course, good quality race shirt and nice medal for all finishers.  The goodie bag was pretty nice too, with a few nice treats in it for Halloween.  Lynette told me this race sold out – nice! – and also ended up getting quite a few sponsors which allowed for finisher medals, costume prizes, and so forth.  Very nice.  The Den staff was also very helpful, and they have pretty good food too.  They start serving breakfast at 9 a.m., so me and a couple of friends stuck around post-race to have breakfast there.  The food is pretty darn good.  This is definitely an event I would do again and would recommend to others.

 Mucho thanks to all the people that made this event happen for we participant:  Race director and organizer Lynette, of course, and Tony for all the help he gave; and all the volunteers as well as the staff of The Den, all of those people that were out there for us way early in the morning; the law enforcement officers on the course for us and the medical folks that had a medical tent there; and, of course, all the sponsors that provided funding to help make this one happen.  Also, thanks to the Athlete Guild guy there doing the timing, results, etc. He too had to be out there way early to get his stuff set up.  Thank you all for what you did so we participants could enjoy this event.

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2020 Race 25 Warrior Dash 5K

Race photos are here:    https://photos.app.goo.gl/BY5dQHKnLvB7X6sb6

BEFORE MY START:   On October 24, 2017, I did my 25th race of 2020, the Warrior Dash 5K, held at the Community Center of Floresville, Texas.  This was a fundraiser put on by members of the local Anytime Fitness and friends of a very nice guy named Jerry, to raise funds for Jerry and his family as he battles liver cancer. I registered online a couple of days before the start date, after I found out about this event from my friend Lynette, so thank you Lynette! Start time advertised as 9 a.m. I arrived about 8:15 or so, got my packet and then wandered around chatting with other entrants and supporters and getting a few photos.  The event actually started closer to 9:30, as more people showed up to get registered.  I did not mind the delay at all, this was for a good cause, and extra time just let me get to meet more people, which I enjoy.   Also gave me time to explore the grounds of the community center area – and find the restrooms pre-start, always a good thing for old men, lol.  The community center is actually quite large and the grounds are extensive, with playing fields for soccer, etc.  The same day this 5K was going on, there was some kind of youth activity taking place at the fields, with flag football and soccer matches for kids of various ages.  My friends Woody and Ralph and Ralph’s son also did this event, so I did have some familiar faces there for me.

ON THE COURSE:  Weather conditions for this one was: chilly. On Friday in our area, it had been in the 80s.  Then we had a “cold front” move in for Saturday and at race time, we had a drop of 30 degrees, with the temp in the 50s.  Crazy Texas weather.   The wind was blowing pretty good too, making it feel even chillier.  I had two shirts on, planning to take the top one off when I ran, but instead just used that bottom shirt as my base layer, with this darn wind blowing, and that worked fine.  I was comfortable for the whole route. The course started us in the community center parking lot, with a short lap around the lot, then onto the road that went to the back of the center where the playing fields were located. Here, we got onto sidewalk and did a loop near the playing fields.  Then onto a dirt/gravel road that took us to the adjacent City Park.  Here we did a couple of circuits around one of the park roads, then a lap around a dead-end park area, and then made our way to the finish at a pavilion in the park.  It was a very nicely laid out route, but a little short of 5K distance, around 2.45 is what I had on my Garmin.  I checked with some others and that’s about what they had too.  Even so, nicely done event, lots of fun, and my old-man legs did not mind the shorter distance at all, lol.  

After My Finish
.  Walked the short distance from the pavilion back to my car to get my post-race drink and protein bar and dry off with a towel I had –  since even in cold weather, when I run, I sweat like crazy – and then back to the pavilion to get some post-event photos and chat with other participants.  The pavilion was a pretty nice area; covered pavilion with restrooms, a couple of tables, a playground nearby, and parking area in front.   This event, of course, was for Jerry and family, so they had a nice little post-race event that included some photos of him and with him.

Epilogue: This is one of the nicest events I have ever done, mainly because of the people that were there.  One of the friendliest groups of people I have ever met.  The event was well-organized, the course was pretty nice – I plan to go back there occasionally and run on my own and do some exploring in that area, so I appreciate this introduction to the park, etc – and everyone got a really nice finisher medal.  The race shirt is pretty darn nice too, but I registered too late to get one.  All good though…as many races as I  do in a year – my all-time high was in 2018 when I did 91 races for that year – I think my space for race shirts is beginning to run out, lol.   With the purpose of this event, I guess this is a one-time event, but if they ever decided to turn it into a regular fund-raiser for the club or whatever cause, I would definitely do this one again.  This was a dog-friendly event too, so I did get to hand out a few treats.

Mucho thanks to the Anytime Fitness members that got this one organized and thanks to any and all sponsors who may have supported this one.  Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers who were out there for us, and thanks to anyone else I may not have mentioned here that had a part in getting this event put on.   A really big HEART-FELT HUG AND PRAYER for Jerry, one of the nicest guys I have ever met, who also has a great sense of humor.  It was really a privilege and an honor to meet you, sir. I wish you every success in your personal battle.  I hope we can meet again sometime.  Never give up!

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2020 Race 24, Battle of Hillotes 5K 10K Half

Race photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  On Oct 17, I did my 24th race of 2020, the Scallywompus “Remember the Alamo Beer Battle of Hillotes 5K.”  This was the 3rd in a series of 4 races.  Three distances at this race: half-marathon; 10K; and 5K. Although the race name says “Hillotes”, the race location was at Bankersmith TX (near Fredericksburg TX) since the Helotes TX powers-that-be did not approve a live race in their city boundaries.  From San Antonio, Bankersmith is about an hour and thirty minutes driving time, so I was up early to get some breakfast and hit the road to get there by 7:30 or so.  The half started at 7:30 – so I missed their start – 10K at 8:10, and the 5K at 8:25.  I arrived a tad after 7:30.  Having already picked my race packet up the day before, I wandered around and get a few pre-start photos.   

ON THE COURSE:  One word: HILLY.  They call this area Texas Hill Country for a reason.  The 5K basically only had 4 hills to do, which were actually 2 hills, since all courses were out-and-back. A bit after the star we did a long downhill, then a bit level for a fraction of a time; then proceeded up a long uphill.  Once we crested that, it was fairly flat to the 5K-turn-round point.  Back to the uphill we had just come up, which was now a downhill for us and then back to the start downhill, which was now an uphill for the finish.  The previous event before this was also on this course. For my second outing on this course, I finished almost a minute faster than I had when I did this course the first time. 38:02 chip time, averaging 12-something minute miles.  I think I might have gotten 37-and-change, but I stopped on the finish line hill to get a couple of photos. All good for me, I really don’t pay that much attention to race time; my main goals when I run – especially at my age, lol – are to finish everything I start; have fun with all the running I do; and have no ambulance waiting specifically for me at the finish.  :p   Goals met!  I still managed to finish 2nd in my age group, since there were only 2 in my age group, lol. The first guy in my age group (65 – 69) in the 5K finished, by the way, in 29:45, averaging 9-something minute miles.  Yeah…by the time I got to the finish line, he could have already showered and changed clothes, lol.

After My Finish.  Forgot my blood-oxygen measuring thingy – with my pacemaker and running, my cardiologist likes me to do a post-race check – but the medics on site had one, so they took it for me.  Very nice for me at 95%.  The medics were really nice and I ended up chatting with them for a while, and getting a photo of them.  Thanks for being there for us.  Then I went to enjoy a post-race beer and sausage-on-a-stick and wandered around munching, chatting with friends, and getting some photos of what I call the “Happy Finishers” since most people are smiling a lot more after the race than before and during, lol.  Very nicely done event with the unique ‘drinking glass’ award for the age group award winners and nicer awards for the top overall finishers in each event.   

Epilogue:   Scallywompus throws a heck of an event.  Their motto is “Come for the race. Stay for the party.”  And they are not kidding, either, as you can see from some of the photos.  Bankersmith is a really nice location for an event, with a nice little store-and-bar, very nice outside patio-and-picnic table seating, and also picnic tables on, a small stage, and an event center on the grounds behind the raised patio and bar/store.  It is very ‘rural” – said this city boy, lol, who grew up in the Washington DC area – but very nice and very fun, and very relaxing post-race.  Nice quality race tee too for this event.   One sad note:  I missed running this time with my bud, Ralph, whose mother recently passed away in the week before this race.  Please keep him and his family in your good thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to the Bankersmith authorities – and after 2 races there, I think I still haven’t met anyone yet who lives in Bankersmith – for allowing this venue for the races, and thanks to all the patience of the local residents for letting us invade their space for many hours.  Thanks also to all the other people who made this one happen for we participants: sponsors, vendors, volunteers, local law enforcement, all the Scallywompus staff, and anyone else I may not have mentioned here. 

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2020 Race 23 Oh My Quad 5K

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:   On Oct 10, I did my 23rd race of 2020, the Oh My Quad 5K held at Guadalupe Brewery in New Braunfels, Texas., and organized by race company Athlete Guild.  There were 197 finishers for this one, 87 male and 110 female. Race start time of 8:30. I arrived around 7:30 a.m., got my race packet, and then got a few pre-start photos.  

ON THE COURSE:  The weather was pretty nice, even with a later 8:30 a.m. start.   Clear skies, sunshine, with a few clouds on occasion, and a temp of 68 degrees. However, the humidity was 93%, making it feel warmer.  Due to COVID restrictions, a staggered start, with about  15 – 20 runners  per group spread out and released gradually.  At my slow pace, I lined up way in the back, so was almost one of the last to get started.  Had some spinal arthritis issues flare up on Thursday and Friday before race day but once I got started on the course, I actually felt pretty good.    The course was flat, with us running on the road in front of the brewery.  Left onto the road from the start line, down to a turn-round point; then back the way we had come out, went past the finish line, and then down to a turn-round point on another road. From there, back to the finish the way we had just come out. There are a couple of cement factories out here, and truck delivery areas, so with the roads open to traffic, we did have some of these big trucks passing us off-and-on. From where I was at any given moment, the drivers were pretty patient about it, and drove slowly and carefully past the participants; at least where I was; maybe it was different for some of the other participants. Planned to just take it easy, have fun, get some photos, and at least finish by sunset. 😉.  Hit Mile 1 at 11:49 and paid for that, lol, ending up with positive splits. Finished in 38:34, averaging 12:22 per mile. 10-year age groups – mine being 60 – 69, so did not even come close to placing, as there are some real speedy old farts in my age group, lol.  My friend Woody got 2nd.

After My Finish.   Stuck around the finish line and got a couple photos of others coming in, including my friend Ralph. Then went back to my car, sat for a few minutes in the ac, cooling down and drinking some cold water I had brought with me. Changed into a dry shirt, and then went to enjoy the after-party and get some ‘happy finishers and supporters” photos.  The brewery threw a really nice after-party with beer, of course, and some other drinks, and also had various kinds of tacos and some sausages.  Lots of tables to sit at – some of which you were able to reserve before the race if you had a group of people with you – in a very nice “back-yard’ or picnic-type location, with tables spread out from each other, and there was also a cover patio with tables too.   Pretty nice atmosphere.  I enjoyed a beer and a taco as I wandered around chatting with friends and participants and getting some photos.

Epilogue:  Very nicely done event.  Athlete Guild organized everything very nicely, from packet pickup to putting up results, and made sure everyone was ‘behaving themselves” per the guidelines set by the county for having a ‘live’ race.  Actually, from what I saw where I was at any given moment, everyone was pretty compliant, which was good for everyone, especially if we want to keep having live races while we live in these crazy times.  As noted, the brewery really did well with the after-party goodies, seating arrangements, etc. Nice also to have indoor restroom facilities instead of porta-potties. I chatted with a couple of the employees post-race – and I think one of the owners, if I remember correctly – and they were all very nice, and very accommodating for this event.  This is definitely an event I would recommend and would do again.  Also, I would recommend if you have a chance to visit the brewery, then go.  Have a meal, get a drink. Very nice place with very nice staff and atmosphere.  Also dog and kid friendly too.

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2020 Race #22 Semper FI-VE 5K

2020 Race #22 Semper FI-VE 5K

Photos are here:


BEFORE MY START:  On Oct 3, 2020 I did my 22nd race of 2020, the Semper FI-VE “live” 5K at New Braunfels High School in support of the school’s US Marines Jr ROTC program. The event has a nice turnout, 137 male finishers, 145 female finishers for a total of 282 participants.  I arrived onsite with about 45 minutes to go to 9 a.m. start time.  Had already picked up my packet the day before, so wanderered around pre-start chatting with friends, giving some doggies treats – this is a dog-friendly event – and taking a few photos.  A nice pre-start ceremony with a JR ROTC Marine Color Guard and the singing of The National Anthem.

ON THE COURSE:  Nice course with nice weather, about 65 degrees at 9 a.m., with low humidity, and “abundant’ sunshine.  This was a kind of out-and-back and loop finish. We started in front of the JR ROTC building on the campus, did a little route through the school grounds, and then went into a really nice neighborhood in proximity to the school.  The course was mainly flat with a couple of inclines and a couple of fair-sized hills along the way.  On the way back we passed where we had exited the school grounds after the start and went down to a gate a bit farther down that took onto the road that got us back to the finish line.   I ended up 4th in my 60-69 male age group, with a time of 37:04.   My friend, Woody, was first in our age group with a blazing time of 24:05, zowie!  I jokingly told him, it was his fault that I got 4th because if it had been a larger event, it would have been 5 year age groups and he would have been in the 60 – 64 age group, and then I would have gotten 3rd in the 60 – 69 group, lol.  All good though.  A little under the last half-mile I saw my speedy friend Sammy on the course and he kindly allowed his speedy legs to run at my slow pace as he ran in with me to the finish.  Thanks for the company, Sammy, much appreciated!

After My Finish.   Got my ‘finisher medal” – for this event a set of dog tags…appropriate for me, right?  – and then went to my car and sat for a few minutes with the a/c on, cooling down, and drinking my bottle of water.  Changed into a dry shirt I had brought and then it was off to chat with friends and participants post-race and get some “after” photos.  

Epilogue:  This was the 4th year anniversary for this event, and the first time I’ve done it. Really nicely done, and I will certainly do this one again in the future.  Very nice course, lots of parking on the school grounds.  Also, indoor restrooms in the JR ROTB building, which beats porta-potties anytime…especially for we senior citizen folks, lol.   Not that much post-race snack, etc., except for some bottled water, but I get that; it’s a school and this is a tough budgeting time for life in the education world. I figured as much so had brought my own post-race snack.  All good.  As said, a really nicely done event.  I would certainly recommend this 5K to others and will do it again myself.

Mucho thanks to the JR ROTC and New Braunfels High School leadership for allowing this event on the campus.  Also kudos to race company Athlete Guild for the timing, course setup, results, etc. Nice bright pink race shirt, and good quality too. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, the officers on the course doing road safety duties for us, the lead motorcycle drivers, and anyone else I may not have mentioned here for making this event happen for we participants. Thank you all!

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2020 Race 21 Mutt Strut 5K

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BEFORE MY START: On Sep 26, I did my 21st “live” race of 2020.  The Mutt Strutt 5K was put on by the Wilson County Roadrunners in support of the Wilson County No Kill Shelter.  Event location was the Helton San Antonio River Nature Park in Floresville, a small city about 22 miles from downtown San Antonio. Race start time 8 a.m.   There was also a 2K fun walk.  I arrived fairly early, got my race packet and then get a few pre-start photos. The weather was pretty nice; very little wind, cloudy and overcast, and about 71 degrees.   This was a fairly small event that had 40 finishers, 14 male and 26 female.  Everyone got a finisher medal.  Race award was given only to the overall male finisher and overall female finisher.  This is also a dog-friendly event, so there were several 4-legged participants too.

ON THE COURSE:  I’ve done this event a couple of times in the past so was somewhat familiar with the park. The 5K course was 2 loops through the park on its roads and trails, most of which were a mix of dirt-and-gravel.  Course was mainly flat, with one short hill we went down on the way out and up on the way back.  Tough terrain to run on in some spots along the course as the surfaces were pretty uneven.  Nice park to run in though; very peaceful and scenic.  There is a trail that also takes you down to the river for some nice water views, but the course did not include that trail; I think it may be a dead-end trail, if I remember correctly.  My friend Albert and I were pretty much in close proximity of each other for most of the time we were on the course.  Our speedy friend Woody was long-gone from both of us, lol, way ahead on the course, just as our speedy friend Lynette was too.  When I finished the 2nd loop, my garmin showed the course as 3.25, and a couple of friends had that too, so just a small tad long, but that was okay, it was an enjoyable course. I ended up with 40:10, averaging about 12:24-minute miles.  Mile 3 was a negative split for me, though, at 12:08.  Mile 1 was 12:33 and Mile 2 was my slowest, at 12:45.  One thing about being a slower runner, you have a lot more time to enjoy the scenery.  😊

After My Finish.   Some light refreshments available after the finish, various fruits and water.  I had brought some of my own so enjoyed my post-race drink and a small protein bar, just relaxing a bit.  After that, wandered around chatting with people, getting some post-race photos and providing a couple of treats to the doggies, with the permission of their humans, of course.

Epilogue:  Small but very nicely organized event with Athlete Guild doing their usual good job of providing timing, results, etc.  Nice course – but I need to remember for this event to wear my trail shoes, I keep forgetting to do that every time I do this event, lol – nice finisher medal and nice quality race tee.  This is a very ‘peaceful’ event in a very peaceful atmosphere and location. Will definitely do this one again and would recommend it to others.  Great cause too, supporting the animal shelter.  In talking with the participants that had their dogs there, the majority of them were rescues.   Mucho thanks to the Wilson County Roadrunners, Athlete Guild, all the sponsors that helped this event happen, and all the volunteers who were out there for us, and anyone else involved that I may not have mentioned here. Thank you all!

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2020 Race #20, Bakersmith TX 5K

Photos from my report are here:


BEFORE MY START: On Sep 19, 2020, I did the Bankersmith 5K, my 20th “live” race of 2020.   This was the second race in a series of 4 that I signed up to do, called Remember The Alamo Beer.  The main event for this one was a half marathon and there was also a 10-miler and a 5-miler.  This event was held in Bankersmith, Texas which, from what I read online is a ‘ghost town’ near Fredericksburg TX.  The adventure started with my drive to get there. It was normal until I got to “Road 9”,  the road that took participants to the race site. One of the most twisting, hilly roads I have ever driven, and although it was only an 11 mile drive on this road, mentally it felt like forever.  At one point I thought I heard Twilight Zone music, and was going to go around the next curve and see Rod Serling standing there, or the Rock n Roll Band in Heaven, lol  Finally did arrive at the race site, got parked, and walked down to the “city center” of Bankersmith, where all the activity was. Had already picked up my packet so wandered around and got a few pre-start photos.

ON THE COURSE:  The half and 10-mile folks were already on their courses by the time I arrived. The 5-miler folks were the next to leave at 8 a.m., and then we 5K folks started at 8:15.  Really nice weather for this one, not too humid at all, and temp in the 60s, very nice.  The 5K course started down a long hill, and then we climbed up another long hill.  Then a bit of flat to the turn-round point. Then back down that 2nd long uphill we had climbed on the way out; and of course, the hill we had come down on when we first started was now a challenging uphill on the way to the finish.  Fun stuff. After the race, friends who did the half, 10-mile, and 5-mile, told me they had to do that too, and then they had even MORE hills on their courses.  Glad I only did the 5K, lol.  I finished in 38:06, averaging 12:13 minutes per mile and had negative splits of 12:31, 12:07, and 12:05, so pretty consistent.  I ended up first in my age group (65 – 69) since I was the only one IN my age group, lol. I also took my walk breaks like I was supposed to (stupid arthritis) and got several course photos, and then got a few more photos of friends and a few others coming into the finish.

After My Finish.   First, banana and water, and just relax for a few minutes.  After that, wandered around taking photos of what I call the “Happy Finishers” since most people after they are done are smiling more than they did before the start and on the course, lol.   Also found the beer and sausage, nice.

Epilogue:  Live event, well-organized as usual by the great folks of Scallywompus, with special mention to Tony Garcia and Julianne Hansen, who got me sorted out after I registered twice for this event, lol.  Very nice after-party with our music man playing tunes; MC Jason Cox doing his usual great job as host and entertaining everyone; and Tony and Julianne making sure everything was going smoothly.  Also, thanks to all the volunteers who were out there for us.  Thanks also to the race photographers and, of course, all the sponsors that helped make this one happen for we participants. And thanks also for the patience of the residents who live in this area.  This was an open-road course and where I was at any given time, the drivers were pretty careful and polite, at least on the 5K course. Hopefully for all the other participants too on the other courses.  And thanks for Bankersmith for hosting us…I think Rod Serling is the mayor…

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